[percy-l] "Padre Benito, O.S.B."/Percy

J Rivas-Pita juliorivas at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 16:35:58 EDT 2005

Dear friends,

Let me tell you that Prof. William J. Richardson, S.J., Ph. D., of the
Faculty of Philosophy, Boston College, happily surprised me last night
with his endorsement of "Padre Benito, O.S.B. - Christian Spiritual
Practices, Zen and Psychotherapy", an account of a 19-year friendship
with a most remarkable Benedictine monk and priest.

Some sample chapters of the book, that will include a part on Walker
Percy, can be seen at:


Your comments will be most welcome!

With all best wishes,


Be Happy! (Fr. Benito Ballesteros, OSB, 1924-1996)
Sé feliz! (P. Benito Ballesteros, OSB, 1924-1996)

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