[percy-l] That Percy collection

eric schantz esch557 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 17 13:02:09 EDT 2004

Wow, Darren! That sure beats my offering of Percy items from a few weeks ago - by a mile. And mine was pretty respectable! You have everything there.
I'm curious; The guy who bought my books asked me what it was about Percy that I liked, and why I was selling the books? Answers: When I read Lost in the Cosmos (profiled at the time in my issue of A Common Reader, where I first learned of it) I was hooked by his ability to accurately describe the modern condition in our society, combined with the answer providing the way out. iwas selling the books because i was moving to start a new graduate program (I'm a career student:) and I could use a little extra cash.
And so...I ask you the same questions. Answer if you care to, though it's none of my business, I am most curious. -Eric Schantz
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