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Dear Members of the List,

We have recently issued a catalogue for a large collection of material by Walker Percy, details of which follow:

THE WALKER PERCY COLLECTION. Highlights include Percy's freshman college yearbook Yackety Yack (1934) inscribed "From the moviegoer at the best of times and at the worst of times" next to a photograph of Percy waiting in line at a movie house; an inscribed copy of Lanterns on the Levee: Recollections of a Planter's Son (1941), written by William Alexander Percy; inscribed copies of the scarce offprints Symbol as Hermeneutic in Existentialism (1956), Symbol, Consciousness and Intersubjectivity (1958), Culture: The Antinomy of the Scientific Method (1958), The Message in the Bottle (1959) and Naming and Being (1960); a significant number of magazine appearances in journals such as Partisan Review and The Sewanee Review, many of which are signed or inscribed; an inscribed copy of Percy's first book The Moviegoer (1961); the uncorrected galley proofs of The Last Gentleman (1966) inscribed by Percy "with thanks for liking this lousy version"; an inscribed first edition of The Last Gentleman (1966) with an original black and white photograph of Percy attending his daughter's wedding laid in; inscribed copies of Love in the Ruins (1971), Lancelot (1977), The Second Coming (1980) and Lost in The Cosmos: The Last Self-Help Book (1983); signed limited editions of Bourbon (1979), Questions They Never Asked Me (1979), Diagnosing The Modern Malaise (1985), Novel Writing in an Apocalyptic Time (1986) and The Thanatos Syndrome (1987); the only existing transcript of Percy's testimony as expert witness "on social conditions in the south today" in a case regarding the use of the confederate flag by Covington High School that came before the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (1970); and numerous letters to a close friend regarding everything from the rights of the film version of The Moviegoer to the creation of characters and the need for plot in novels. Approximately 100 titles. Offered as a collection only. Please contact Clouds Hill Books for more details and a complete catalogue of the collection. 

I would be happy to send along a copy of the catalogue to those members that request it. Please reply to me off-list at overty at cloudshillbooks.com.

With regards,
Darren Overty

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