[percy-l] Production of _A Confederacy of Dunces_ falls apart

Nikkibar at aol.com Nikkibar at aol.com
Fri Oct 29 10:58:13 EDT 2004

Dear Mr. Riddick,

Should you be in touch with David Gordon Green (and it sounds like you are) 
you might advise him to call me for the lying old man deluxe tour of the 
Northshore. And for all those on the list who are interested, I have the opening 
piece in Stories from the Blue Moon Cafe' Vol III. While I make no boasts about 
my own contribution to the collection, I commend it as one of the best 
gatherums of short stories available. It is notable for ccollecting somewhat longer 
pieces than most magazines these days will publish -- more like the length you 
would be like to find in the Saturday Evening Posts from the 40's. I'm really 
quite proud to be in it with Rick Bragg, Dayne Sherman, Tim Gautreaux and so 
many many others. it can be had online from Overthetransom.com or Lemuria.com in 
signed, hardcover  first editions and probably by now from Barnes and Noble 

For those who don't as yet know it the Percy Symposium will be November 13th 
this year at the Covington Center on Jefferson Ave (The former Baptist 
Church). I look forward to seeing all of the faithful there.

Nikki Barranger
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