[percy-l] i found you

Daniel Jordi djordi at halfstrong.com
Mon May 3 20:23:50 EDT 2004

this is Daniel Jordi. announcing my presence. i have independently come to
the same conclusions as Percy Walker and several others therefore i want to
be in this list. i like to get stoned and philosophise. i was a mormon for
26 years and tried harder at it than anyone i know. please see my website
and wiki for more info on me (since i have gobs of it due to my compulsive
self-documentation / human memome project and other defects) but

the truth is, i barely know percy

i read lost in the cosmos last week and he said manythings almost
wordforword from what i have been ranting about for the last 6 months. maybe
i don't even belong here but i am aiming my radiotelescope all over the
place. i have been trying to create a FRACTAL language and that is how i
came accross percy i think. a semioticist student just gave me a stack of
umberto eco.




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