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I agree heartily. I came upon Percy one day in a funk in the Blue Ridge
mountains of North Carolina reading about Will Barrett in a funk in the
Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It couldn't have been a more
perfect "man on the train" moment. Second Coming remains my favorite,
the sweetest of his books I believe. I really think I got through that
year because of Percy -- every page was laughter rich with recognitions.
I wrote Percy and told him this, and the gentleman wrote me back, a
nice, long letter. 

Rip P.

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I have enjoyed the few entries I've read here over the past few months
since joining in.  Anything to do with Percy fascinates me.  However, I
must confess, my interest has little to do with Percy's language theory
(at least not the technical aspects thereof), nor am I that interested
in the 'Catholic' issues (I am much too 'lapsed' in this area, as are
many of Percy's protagonists).

I am, instead, simply a fan of his magnificently fluid prose, his
trenchant observations on human nature, and his characters who -- while
dangerously alienated -- have struck me always as satisfyingly in tune
with the rhythm of life as it ought to be.   Also, as a Southerner
introduced to Percy when I was a student at Chapel Hill 30 years ago, I
feel very much at home with Mr. Percy.

 Binx Bolling was my Holden Caulfield.  His later heroes were mine in my
later life.

I would enjoy hearing from Percy afficianados of similar ilk.


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