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Fri Jan 2 22:39:51 EST 2004

Although I'm unable to contribute much to this  list's high scholarly tone, here is a note about Coles/Percy/Springsteen from an unexpected source.  Besides an affection for corn whiskey, I have only one other appreciable vice, which manifests itself in my making an occasional wager on the races.  Around Thanksgiving I was at the local office of the Off Track Betting in my Brooklyn neighborhood, and I was discussing literature (really!) with a betting clerk with whom I had become friendly over the years.  He asked me about my favorite novelists, and as soon as I mentioned Walker Percy, he said two things: (1) that The Moviegoer was one of his favorite novels, and (2) that WP was a big Bruce Springsteen fan.  He then told me the entire story of the Springsteen interview, the journal and the benefit concert!  As Mark Twain may or may not have said, Interesting if true and interesting anyway.

Since we are all concerned, in varying ways, with the WP legacy, I thought you might be amused to hear of the legacy's penetration even into a world more often concerned with furlongs and equipment changes, early speed and photo finishes!

Chuck Lowry
Brooklyn, New York

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