[percy-l] Lonergan and Percy?

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Any source of what Coles actually said?  Historically Dr. Coles is the 
most honorable of thinkers/writers I know alive today. 

Most of us are aware of the unanswered letter Dr. Percy sent to the 
Boss.  And that the nephew interviwed the Boss in depth about WP.

I know for a fact that I personally mentioned my affection for Bruce to 
WP -- and he said he had heard of him via his grandson(s).  In the same 
conversation I said that I thought Sting MIGHT have read and appreciated 
WP's work - this was a pure surmise on my part and have not since read 
or heard anything from Sting to this effect.  WP also said he had heard 
of Sting from the same source but was not sure if he had ever heard him 
-- at least that he was aware of.

For what it is worth.

Robert_Pauley at oxy.com wrote:

> I'm curious if anyone has comment on recent flap regarding Bob Coles 
> quoting (misquoting?) Percy on Bruce Springsteen. Coles claims Percy 
> was a gushing fan of Springsteen's, as Coles is, and his quotes are 
> taken from memory. So he can't back them up. But quotes are being 
> challenged by New Republic magazine and by Percy's nephew, who says 
> they don't sound a thing like Walker. I agree. Quotes sound phony.   
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>     Dear Rhonda,
>     I don't ever recall Walker mentioning someone named Lonergan in
>     the book meetings. He would from time to time drop a word ot two
>     about other reading he was up to if he found it interesting, but
>     this sparks no blip of recognition on my screen. Marcus Smith
>     might perhaps be a better informant?
>     Nikki
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