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J Rivas-Pita juliorivas at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 21:37:55 EST 2004

Dear unknown List-companions,
First of all, let me wish everyone of you a most Happy Christmas. May
your deepest hearts' desires be fulfilled, especially those of love,
peace and goodwill. (No objection to a new car though if the one you
have now is in really bad shape, or things like that :)
And like Nikki in the previous post, let me also invoke the memory of
old WP to ask each and everyone of you a contribution -modest as it
may be, or big as you can afford- in the form of any scanned, stored,
hard-disk kept or in any other form extant material from "Lost in the
Cosmos" or "Message in a Bottle" that you may perchance have handy and
would be willing to share with me via this wondrous invention -namely,
The aforementioned materials will be put to good use by yours truly
and you will probably -this I can´t guarantee though- be blessed by
your contribution to spread the work of WP.
I will personally bless any contributor for her/his kindness and light
a candle for that person's good deed, as WP would have wished me to
For those who don't know me, no, I can't get those materials in my
country's public libraries or bookshops.
But if you e-mail them to me, I might be able to enrich those
libraries with copies, if the bureaucracy permits.
If not, I will make sure that at least some people get copies.
So, as you will see, your effort won't have been wasted.
And you will have one more good action to your name in The Book this
Christmas :)
Have a Merry, Merry Christmas each and everyone of you!
With all best wishes,
Julio Rivas-Pita
Caracas, Venezuela

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 19:57:06 EST, Nikkibar at aol.com <Nikkibar at aol.com> wrote:
> Dear List,
> In honor of the memory of  Walker Percy, The St. Tammany Parish Art
> Association is sponsoring a competition in the writing of one act plays, the
> winners to be getting a reading production at the Covington Center on Jan 14
> and 15. They are short by about a thousand dollars in covering their
> expenses for putting up the writers in the various hostelieries about the
> town and if anyone on the list feels inclined to support the cause you may
> send a check made out to The St. Tammany Parish Art Association One act Play
> Contest and send it to me G.K. Barranger at 200 North Columbia St.
> Covington, La. 70433 and I will see to it that it gets to the right place.
> It's tax deductable as a gift to a 501 c 3 charity.
> Merry Christmas to all.
> Nikki Barranger 
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