[percy-l] A Semiotic Primer of the Self

J Rivas-Pita juliorivas at gmail.com
Sun Dec 19 15:08:09 EST 2004

Dear friends,
As some of you already know, I live in Venezuela, where a strict
exchange control with lots of red-tape has made my credit card invalid
abroad, so I can't any longer order books from Amazon.com as I used to
in the past.
I was wondering if any of you with some spare time (yes, I know that
commodity is scarcer by the day) could perhaps do me a favor scanning
"A Semiotic Primer of the Self" (from "Lost in the Cosmos") and
e-mailing it to me.
Or, if that is not feasible, if someone in the list could e-mail me a
summary of it.
I'm especially interested in Percy's views on language and
psychotherapy -having some experience as a patient and also as the
author of a little book in Spanish, "Diálogo y Psicoterapia" (San
Pablo Ediciones, Caracas, 1995) where I explored the connection
between the philosophies of Buber, Marcel and Heidegger and the realm
of the cure of souls.
I'm no expert on Percy and much less on Peirce, so I'd love to know
whether in their approach to language they considered not only what is
said but also where it comes from -namely, from what depth of being,
so to say, something is said, and with what quality of presence (in
the meaning of being fully there for the Other, fully present in what
Buber termed an "I-Thou" relationship.
Also, whether they ever considered that much of what we say cannot be
properly understood if we remain at the surface of the spoken word and
oblivious to the fact that most of the time we are unaware of being
influenced to an enormous degree by what psychoanalysts call "the
Thanks a lot for your help!
And my very best wishes for a Happy Christmas, to all of you.
Julio Rivas Pita

Be Happy! (Fr. Benito Ballesteros, OSB, 1924-1996)
Sé feliz! (P. Benito Ballesteros, OSB, 1924-1996)

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