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It's not about what I personally truck with, or anyone else for that matter.
My opinion on the matter is also of no consequence. Whether I hold with the
idea or not does little to change it's truth. That's what I was getting at.
It's not about individuals and their individual interpretations. Moreover,
priesthood, either by sacremental ordination or by the inheritance of
baptism, has nothing whatever to do with interpreting scripture. No priest
(ordained or otherwise), either of the East or the West has authority to
independently interpret scripture.  
It's no coincidence that the unprecedented and exponential fragmentation of
Christendom (some 40,000 recognized strains of the faith) began with sola
scriptura and the, more or less, concurrent phenomenon of the mass
production of bibles due to the invention of the printing press.
Protestantism is, among other things, merely the religious expression of an
individualism that was unheard of prior to the culture that produced the
likes of Chaucer. 

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I guess you don't truck with the "priesthood of all believers"-a Protestant
tenant, when it comes to interpreting Scripture.  


Bryon McLaughlin


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Thanks for the reference. If I have time I'll see about getting around to
reading it. It's always a good idea to know what's being said on such
matters. But, really, this text and texts like it are of very little
consequence when viewed against the backdrop of the authoritative Tradition
of the Church, which is and always has been unambiguously clear about the
immorality of homosexual acts. 


Who cares what anyone else is saying about the scriptures? What authority do
they have? None. Theologian or not, in the end, they have no credibility
apart from the teaching body of the Church. Morover, on it's own, the Bible
has absolutely no authoritative credibility apart from this authoritative
tradition. On its own, it's a useless text. No, worse. On it's own its a
dangerous text, and anyone can use it to forward just about any kind of
hogwash they want. Form the back cover commentary: "The Bible has been used
to justify slavery, inquisitions, apartheid, and the subjugation of women"  


Now, one can certainly argue that the teaching body of the Church is full of
crap and not divinely guided (even a lot of priests make this argument), but
that won't nullify her God-given role as the only credible authority on
scriptural matters. Whether one agrees with the Catholic Church or not, she
is the only the authority on scripture. 






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Here's the same book, but with some reader comments at this link:  


1-1/ref=sr_1_1/103-2698227-4831043?v=glance&s=books> &s=books



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For those still interested, in spite of (or because of) our inconclusive and
unresolved conversations on the topic, here's a book considered one of the
definitive works on the subject -- by Daniel Helminiak, a Roman Catholic
priest who teaches at West Georgia College --


"What the Bible Really Says About Homosexuality" --




Amazon link to the book also lets you read part of introduction ("look
inside") and shows comments on the book at end.





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