[percy-l] homosexuality, redux

Tim Cole tcole at adobe.com
Sun Sep 21 22:56:25 EDT 2003

Helmeniak's book draws on the varied and sometimes contradictory arguments
of Boswell, Countryman and others. It's definitive in that it's a handy, one
volume compendium of contemporary, revisionist arguments. This revisionism a
projection of 20th century values upon the Biblical passages in question
(the lense through which Helmeniak and those he quotes view Scripture). The
exegesis comes across as highly agenda driven and strains credulity past the
breaking point. As mentioned, the work of Boswell and the others have been
widely discredited by other academics.

Try "Homosexuality" by James De Young for a politely argued, systematic
refutation of the arguments above that draws on both Jewish and Christian
historical interpretations as well as other ancient literature.

In addition to the Biblical proscriptions, De Young also develops the line
of thought mentioned below where the affirmations of marriage and family in
Genesis and elsewhere are an important context for understanding the
proscriptions of homosexuality.

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