[percy-l] homosexuality, redux

Ken Wilson kfw at ntelos.net
Sun Sep 21 21:46:28 EDT 2003

I'm not completely sure what to think of homosexuality, but in the few pages
available online this author makes a couple of statements that won't wash.

"There is no reason to believe that homosexuality in itself is in any way

Technically I suppose that's true, but anal sex is unhealthy, and the
promiscuity that many gays today describe as an essential part of their
sexual nature is physically very dangerous, as we know, and is condemned in
the Scripture.

As for the argument that because "God creates us," homosexuality must be
God-given, we recognize that handicaps -- physical, mental and emotional --
are not in that sense God-given. Genesis tells us that creation has been
radically altered by human sin. and that's a basic tenet of Christian
theology. I'm very skeptical too of claims that Christianity smiled on
same-sex relations until recently. Others scholars take issue with that, to
say the least.

But at least Helminiak is treating homosexuality through the lens of
Scripture. Many Christian defenders of homosexuality try to sidestep the
Biblical passages by talking about "love" and "tolerance" and "inclusion."
As a friend of mine said recently, just after he told me he planned on
leaving the Episcopal Church -- "I love gays just like I love anyone else."
Love and tolerance and inclusion don't preclude calling sin "sin."


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