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Sat Nov 22 19:45:01 EST 2003

Yes, Williston Bibb Barrett, to be precise.  In The Last Gentleman there is a 
lengthy description--a dozen pages or so--of his mental condition before his 
name is even mentioned.  

I only know this because The Last Gentleman is the latest novel I read.  
Having said that, I note that I am a new (three or four days) member of this list. 
 I was sternly admonished by the anonymous listmaster to introduce myself to 
the list.

I'm afraid there is not much: I'm in the professional publishing business in 
New York, I live in Brooklyn with a wife and a couple of children, I'm an 
ordinary middle-aged (well, if I'm going to live to 108, I'm exactly at middle 
age), middle class, fairly conservative Catholic whose Latin skills are somewhat 
above the average of the general population and whose mechanical skills are 
considerably below that of the general population.

I came to WP through a co-worker who told me at a job interview that Walker 
Percy was her favorite author and The Moviegoer was her favorite novel; she was 
a fairly recent college graduate, an English major, and I could think of 
nothing else to ask.  My curiosity was piqued and I read The Moviegoer, and then 
The Second Coming.  I was hooked and read through them all, except Lancelot, 
which I picked up today.  Fortunately, the Jets and Giants are so frightful that 
they will offer no plausible distraction for tomorrow's reading.

Chuck Lowry
Brooklyn, New York
chaslow53 at aol.com
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