[percy-l] "...problem is not moral relativism, shopping malls..."

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Thu Mar 6 18:24:27 EST 2003

If the problem is really Mr. Piatt, I suggest he stop.  I mean after all, is 
that too much to ask.  Also all those in the "us" he blames and assumes guilt 
for, should likewise stop their misbehaving.  From my perspective, I fail to 
see how "blaming the other" absolves me or protects me or elevates me. 

The problem we face now is one of how to defend ourselves from dictators who 
cultivate smallpox as a weapon and individuals who would deliver it, and that 
is a question.  However, pondering one's vague politically correct "sins" is 
not the answer.  Such action will elevate one in certain circles as they 
posture humility, but it is a rank sentimentalism that will result in a 
higher body count for everyone.

Without God, the moral absolute, there are no values and all is permitted, as 
has been observed by others. If moral relativism is the answer, there is no 
problem.  In fact, there isn't even a question.

Let's show a little genuine charity to the shoppers. I realize shoppers are 
not postmodern, deconstructionists and not driven to a murderous rage by the 
Andalusian catastrophe and therefore not proper subjects for our compassion, 
but such charity should be easy enough out of laziness, if not virtue.  Dr. 
Johnson observed that men were seldom more innocently employed than when 
simply making money and shoppers are part of that equation.  Similarly, had 
Shelley had to get and spend, he might not have wreaked such havoc and misery 
on all around him.
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