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Thanks -- I'll add that to the list.  I do have Samway's bio of Percy, but
haven't read that yet --

I'll look throught the archives...

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I think you would find it interesting to read Autobiography in Walker Percy
by Ed Dupuy. I'd also suggest that in addition to the Tolson bio you should
have at least for reference purposes Pat Samway's. The latter has great
depth of detail and is therefore useful in constructing a scholarly work
which I gather is your objective. Should you go into Walker's relationship
to music in your work, I have a discography of his record collection which
has not been published simply because I've not haTd the time to get it into
the archive. This might be the time to do it.

following on your discussion of sources re O'Connor, you might wish to refer
to the archive discussion we had about two to four years back on the
tenderness issue as reflected in Thanatos via the Father Smith's confession



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