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I'd echo Nikki's suggestion concerning the Foote novels but my favorite is
Jordan County - a Falkneresque fictional history that follows seven
generations in a Miss. town. Jordan County and Follow Me Down are gripping
reads. However, you can also find the American Mercury edition of Stars in
Their Courses. This is a 290 page "book" which excerpts Foote's chapter
concerning the Gettysburg campaign from the massive narrative. I believe
that Foote's evenhanded and inspired treatment of the material about
Gettysburg is much superior to Michael Shaara'a The Killer Angels (which
seems to have grabbed the public imagination - not to mention the History
Channel - over the past 10 years). If you only have time to read a small
portion of Foote on the Civil War then Stars in Their Courses will fit the
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  Here's a question for all who are well-read.  I've been reading the
letters between Percy and Foote and I got to thinking that I've only read
SHILOH and chunks of the CIVIL WAR trilogy.  After reading the letters, I'd
like to get a start on Foote, but, since I've limited time (okay, none . . .
perhaps I'm avoiding writing my dss. for a few days), I'm looking for some
recommendations.  What do you all think is the best of Foote?  Is it the
history or one of the novels?
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