[percy-l] Shelby Foote

Teresa Brader ttbrader at mindspring.com
Wed Jul 30 11:26:45 EDT 2003

I went to hear Shelby Foote speak at Barnes and Noble in Metairie 
(suburb of New Orleans) -- Sept. 1997.  He read from one of his Civil 
War books and then answered questions.  I asked him a Walker Percy 
question.  Afterwards, I caught him alone and told him I *had* to ask 
him a Percy question, because Percy was my favorite writer.  He said 
Percy was his favorite too.  I asked him which was his favorite Percy 
book, and, after only a very small hesitation, he answered "The Last 

I digress ...  during the questioning, someone had asked Foote what his 
favorite book of his own was, and he said "Follow Me Down".  Perhaps 
that is as good a reason as any to read that one.



> Here's a question for all who are well-read.  I've been reading the 
> letters between Percy and Foote and I got to thinking that I've only 
> read SHILOH and chunks of the CIVIL WAR trilogy.  After reading the 
> letters, I'd like to get a start on Foote, but, since I've limited 
> time (okay, none . . . perhaps I'm avoiding writing my dss. for a few 
> days), I'm looking for some recommendations.  What do you all think is 
> the best of Foote?  Is it the history or one of the novels?

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