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Dear Rhonda,

The Civil War magnum opus is somewhat daunting and certainly time consuming. 
On the other hand if you're interested in the Civil War it is the definitive 
work on the subject at least for our generation. More to the point so far as 
filling in the points of interest that one might have if you approach Foote 
mainly from the direction of Percy, I would suggest you sneak up on the Civil War 
by reading the Foote novel canon, starting with Follow Me Down and then 
deciding where to go from there, ending with September September.

Bear in mind when pursuing this course that Walker and Shelby both were 
youthful builders of model airplanes. Walker built the balsa and tissue paper type 
which we are told  flew like crazy and were meant to fly but his planes had a 
certain rag tag appearance. Shelby built the other type which came in shaped 
chunks of wood that you glued together and sanded down endlessly, painted with 
dope and glued on the window labels -- and then hung from a light fixture in 
the bedroom. They looked great but would not fly nor were they meant to. 
Biographers and critics have remarked that the same sort of thing tends to happen in 
their respective novels. I leave it to you to see if you agree.

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