[percy-l] euthanasia, handicap and Nazis (Nazis?! I *hate* Nazis!)

Wade Riddick wriddick at usa.net
Tue Feb 18 00:06:48 EST 2003

There's an interesting article written by an atheist disabled advocate who
went to a Princeton debate to oppose the "humane" killing of "hopelessly"
disabled infants.  It's a rather interesting melange of things which might
be of interest to the list.

I'd merely add that whenever you get into a debate with a utilitarian,
you're dead the moment you allow them to assume that people should get what
they want.  That means suffering doesn't necessarily make you a "worse
person."  Sometimes, as hard as it is to understand, it makes you better.
Oh, yeah.  There's no such a thing as rational decision-making in human
beings.  Doesn't exist empirically.  Desires always conflict.


"If talk didn't matter, would you make it your life's work?"

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