[percy-l] Re: WP and MacIntyre

James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Tue Feb 11 08:09:13 EST 2003

Dear Chad, Folks--

I found many fascinating essays on Peter's home page!  Briefly I thought one of the points of agreement between both MacIntyre (as presented by Peter) and Percy might be in the failure of so called scientific objectivity to capture the teleological center of the narrative that is man.  Thanks for bring Peter's fine essay to our attention. 

Best wishes,
Jim Piat 

  reading your "Theological Reflections on MacIntyre's After Virtue" essay on the site below gave rise to a few questions as to how Percy and Alasdair MacIntyre intersect. I'd like to ask both you and the list if there is a connection between the philosophies of the two writers and if so, how? 

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