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Jonathan Potter jdp at scn.org
Wed Feb 5 20:00:43 EST 2003


Maybe a passage from The Second Coming, with Will and Allie in the

His hand was in the hollow of her back, pressing her against him.  She
came against him, willingly.  It was a marvel to her this yielding and
flowing against him, amazing that I was made so and is this *it* then
(whatever *it* is) and what will happen to myself ... and will I for the
first time in my life get away from my everlasting self sick of itself to
be with another self and is that what *it* is and if not then what?  He
kissed her on the lips.  Ah then *it* is that too after all, the dancing
adream in the Carolina moonlight except that it was sleeting and it was
firelight not moonlight on the glass.
     "Oh my," she said.  "Imagine."
     "Imagine what?"
     "Imagine having you around at four o'clock in the afternoon."

This is on p. 257 of the hardbound copy of the book, and there are a few
other potential passages before and after, like about Will being prone to
falling down and Allie being a good hoister.

Best wishes,
Jonathan Potter

On Wed, 5 Feb 2003, Craig Abruzzo wrote:

> I am looking for assistance in finding an appropriate reading for a wedding
> I am attending in London for a southern gentleman and an english bride.  I
> have settled on Walker Percy, but would appreciate any suggestions from
> this expert group as to potential readings (passages, not just quotes). 
> Any insights are helpful, and there is a cheeky bottle of merlot on offer
> for anyone who suggests that 'perfect piece'.  Thanks in advance for your
> help.  Craig
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