[percy-l] 2003 MLA Annual Convention and Walker Percy

Wade Riddick wriddick at usa.net
Sat Feb 1 08:03:45 EST 2003

>I am considering proposing a session on Percy for this year's convention.  I
>had thought of the theme of "time and place" in his work -- which has a vast
>array of possibilities,
> ...
>What does Percy have to say to humankind in the 21st century -- anything?
>Is his message still relevant?

Why not look back on the 20th century now that it's closed - from Southern
white flight into mall-festooned suburbs to the rise of religious
fundamentalists taking advantage of all the benefits of modern science?

Would Osama Bin Laden be a fan of heavy sodium?  Does Trent Lott shop at
The Gap?  Instead of that section on Donahue in _Lost in the Cosmos_, what
would happen if all those characters found themselves on an episode of _The
Bachelorette_ instead?  As we go from bourbon and uppers to steroids,
celebrity, ecstasy and sex (apparently not to be confused with ecstasy) has
much changed or are we just in a different rotation?  You know, look back
at the "century of death" Walker Percy-style.

What about the future?  Will Christ make it back in reruns or will He be
replaced by ever more reality TV?

I've got to go now.  The Abswing(tm) is advertising.  Where'd I leave my
phone again...?

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