[percy-l] Lonergan and Percy?

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Hi Mike:

There is life out here, but no answers.  I don't recall Percy mentioning Lonergan anywhere, but I could be wrong. If I weren't on a holiday from all productive endeavors, I'd check indexes of his non-fiction and interview books. Sounds like you're having a much more productive December, so you might try to find out there.

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  Hallooo out there!  (no messages at all since I've switched email 
  addressess..  THIS IS A TEST :-)

  Does anyone recall if Walker Percy had expressed any interest in the 
  work of Bernard Lonergan?  I'm just getting into Lonergan's work now 
  (working through his Collected Works Vol 2:  Verbum:  Word and Idea in 
  Acquinas).  It strikes me as an area that Walker would have been 
  interested in, yet I see no evidence of his having gone down this 

  Merry Christmas or other appropriate Happy Holidays to all!!



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