[percy-l] gay marriage

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Thanks so much. 

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	Alexander Pope was an insightful man... I think this is apropos
to parts of our discussion. 

	Vice is a monster of so frightful mien, As to be hated needs but
to be seen; Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face, We first endure,
then pity, then embrace.

	Robert, while this is not a "screeds" free citation (I'm not
quite sure if that is even possible) it is among the most clearly stated
intellectual positions regarding this matter of homosexuality (which in
the end really isn't an issue of its own, but is the banner for a much
larger cultural shift regarding family, marriage, and sexuality), that I
have read.  

	In fact, for anyone really interested in understanding the
Church's concerns, I think this is probably one of the finer "lay"
documents available. 




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		Can anyone refer me to a well-reasoned and
well-referenced intellectual/moral argument in opposition to gay
marriage and, perhaps, to homosexuality in general. No screeds or
strictly religious arguments, please. Many thanks. RP

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			Hi Karey:
			You might be interested in Harold Bloom's
contention that the Hebrew pronouns which refer to God in the original
Old Testament are genderless.  Since I don't read Hebrew, I can't check
this, but I do know that Milton also agrees with you.  Not bad company
to be in.  And we may as well throw in Plato's SYMPOSIUM as another
argument that precedes yours.
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				I think our spirits/souls ultimately
transcend gender -- God has no genitals (although we traditionally and
misleadingly refer to "Him" as a "He," gender is by definition a
physical trait and God is not physical - only Jesus).  

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