[percy-l] The West Wing's comment on Biblical contradictions

LTberrywtr at aol.com LTberrywtr at aol.com
Tue Aug 19 10:49:42 EDT 2003

    Scruton is right, of course, though I would have said a whiff of methane.
    Deconstructionism and postmodernism are nothing more than nihilism 
tricked up in academic frizzies. They are - as one of the Democratic candidates for 
president was recently described by an opponent - tickets to nowhere. I'm sure 
WP treated then with the contempt they so richly deserve.
    I'm a bit surprised through that fiscally conservative state legislators 
haven't picked up on what may be the only upside to this nonsense. Following 
the logic of post-everything, we could all save a bundle of tax money by firing 
every literature professor in the republic. I mean, what do we need them for? 
All we have to do is have a graduate assistant - or since we really no longer 
need literature phds, a janitor would do - on hand to tell all students 
arriving for their first day in literature classes, "Folks, just read anything you 
want to. Nothing is better than anything else, and it all means whatever you 
want it to mean. You don't have to come back. Have a nice life."
    Of course I'm kidding - sort of - because if we really followed the logic 
of post-everything and cashiered all literature professors (and professors of 
just about everything else on the liberal arts side) then a lot of you fine 
folks in this fun but funky forum would have to get real jobs. Lord knows, I'm 
not suggesting that. 

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