[percy-l] The West Wing's comment on Biblical contradictions

Tim Cole tcole at adobe.com
Tue Aug 19 03:07:06 EDT 2003

Roger Scruton (I think in his Modern Philosophy) puts it...well, succinctly
and memorably when he says something to the effect that if you turn
Po-Mo/Deconstructionism on itself, it "...disappears up its own backside
leaving nothing but a puff of smoke and a whif of sulfur."

> I tend to see WP as having gotten beyond all this Po-Mo BS, ironically
> pointing out that they more purveyors of such ideologies maintain that meaning
> is relative, that there is no truth, etc., the more rabidly such folks assert
> their ideologies as the only truth and their non-meaning as the only meaning,
> thereby shooting themselves in the philosophical foot.

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