[percy-l] The West Wing's comment on Biblical contradictions

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I'm trying to nail down Percy's philosophy, since it's seems we lost him before he could do so himself in the complete manner the proposed CONTRA GENTILES would have.  Of course, I'm spending most of my time feeling like an incredible imposter.  But, I think that's the point when Percy says, "You might as well write--what have you got to lose?"  

Recently, the list has provided a welcomed distraction.  However, in the midst of everyone's very eloquent and lucid comments regarding all matters modern and post-modern, I keep thinking of Tom Moore as the maculate Christ, saying, "y'all help me," knowing they would, and that they would love each other, because they loved him.  

I tend to see WP as having gotten beyond all this Po-Mo BS, ironically pointing out that they more purveyors of such ideologies maintain that meaning is relative, that there is no truth, etc., the more rabidly such folks assert their ideologies as the only truth and their non-meaning as the only meaning, thereby shooting themselves in the philosophical foot.

In any case, good to hear from all, and particularly you, Jim.  Your wryness and self-deprecation is  always fresh air.

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  Good to hear from you Rhonda.  What's the subject of your dissertation?  I still recall the good times I had BS-ing with you and others about Flanery O'Connor's short stories. 

  Jim Piat



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