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I have yet to read Elie's book as well, although one of my students did give it to me as a gift last spring.  What delights me most about the book third hand is the number of people who have discovered Percy (and the others for that matter) thanks to Elie.  One of my colleague's said to me, seemingly out of the blue, "All right, all right.  I'll read Percy!"  Good ol' Elie was behind it.  Look for new editions of everyone's work!

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   But I would like to see some responses to Jim F.'s posting about Elie's
  book. (This listserv seems to have a quanity of Jims.) I like the book,
  but haven't had time to get half-way through. But it is good and the
  Merton and O'Connor sections are worth the price of the book.)

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