[percy-l] Judgement and Pride

James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 17 18:03:45 EDT 2003

Re: [percy-l] God's Gender and Ham SandwichesDear Steve, 

Karey... we MUST judge. In each of the above cases the person doing the judging obviously sees a little clearer than the person being judged. 

>>maybe so, but could it be that he just pridefully imagines he sees more clearly?

True, we should not attempt to remove the speck from another's eye until the plank has been removed from our own. For example, if I were sleeping with 20 different women, some of who were married, I could hardly judge my friend for cheating on his wife. But, if I then stopped philandering...l could...and indeed must... admonish him for his adultery ---out of LOVE for him 

>>Steve I don't see how admonishing others for some wrongdoing must necessarily follow from not engaging in the wrongful >>behavior oneself.  Does it also follow that not admonishing others is evidence that one is himself engaged in the wrongful >>behavior?  Something seems fishy about the logic of this to me.  Perhaps I've misunderstood.   I'll grant you that we must try to >>discern and judge the consequences of acts (both our own and others) but must we as well take it upon ourselves to admonish >>those we don't agree with  -- isn't this better left to their parents or their own consciences?  Plus, in my experience punishment >>only supresses behavior; it doesn't teach new behavior  -- only love can do that.  Or so it seems to me. 


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