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I haven't seen Percy describe it just this way, but if he has please let me know...  A theory that I have been trying to work out (hardly unique since John has mostly outlined it in his Gospel) is that somehow, concepts (and our words for them) are "conceived" in our thoughts in much the same way that Jesus (THE WORD) was conceived in Mary...which is also why she was a virgin. The creation of the world is a mystery to us, and so it is with the creation of Jesus in Mary's womb (I like to think also that Mary had made her particularly receptive to God's inpregnation in her prayers...which is what prayer is, making ones self available). 

Dear Steve,

Off hand I don't recall Percy putting it quite that way (doesn't mean he didn't), but my sense is that his body of work is consistent with the spirit of what you are outlining above -- especially the notion of conception (of life or symbols) being a manifestation of the divine.  Peirce said humans were themselves symbols and I think Percy agreed.  In fact I think both Percy and Peirce viewed all symbols and semiosis as the most compelling manifestation of the divine  -- or proof of the existence of something beyond the mere material or ideational.  A third that ties or couples the two together.  

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