[percy-l] The West Wing's comment on Biblical contradictions

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I agree with Jim P and find the show insufferable. Bartlett's
performance in the press conference was a classic bit of rigged liberal
dramaturgy, the wet-dream dressing down worked up by the smart-ass
editor of the Berkeley Univ. rag in his shabby office after a long night
successfully killing all opposing-view submissions. Or Aaron Sorkin --
not that much different. The scene is also a total distortion of
reality, of how something like that might really play out. I think Percy
would have had a ball taking potshots at this new wave of liberals, the
Sorkins, Robbins, Penns, their putative humanism and yet near contempt
for a person who doesn't agree with them.  
Best, RP
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	In context of this particular show it needs to be recognized
that she was the only reporter not standing in a group that were, by
protocol to the office of the President, supposed to stand. She was
doing so to make a political statement. His issue is not about her
personally but about respect for the office itself, as I see it.

		Hey Larry,


		Did you read Karey's clip from the West wing?   The
Bartlett character is my idea of a smug, self satisfied prick  -- "in
this bldg when the president stands nobody sits..."  Gimme a break  --
an abuse of power.  Plain and simple.  It's one thing to challenge
authority from a position of weakness (however juvenile); but to weild
power smugly is --  well, it's not something that pleases me.  Nobody
needs a smart ass rebuke about "respect" from the most powerful man in
the world.  Just the opposite is called for -- some show of humility and
restraint.  That's my take.  But obviously others see the Bartlett
character differently.  That's what makes this discussion so much fun
for me.  Steve and Karey seem to both like this Bartlett character but
disagree about about his theology  -- I tend to agree more with Karey's
theology than with Steve's (though both know a whole lot more about the
Bible than I do) but I disagree with both of them about this Bartlett


		Jim Piat 

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