[percy-l] The West Wing's comment on Biblical contradictions

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Fri Aug 15 08:57:50 EDT 2003

Jim, et al -
    Might be fun to kick around the question: What would WP think about West 
Wing? I'll volunteer to go first. 
    I don't think WP would have liked Bartlett, Toby, Josh, et al any better 
than he liked Hawkeye and Trapper John ("Thanatos," page 337 - Farrar Straus 
edition). Talk about your sin of pride. The puffed up little roosters in this 
program seem to think that everything in the universe - including the alignment 
of the stars - is determined by what they do. And they want to micromanage 
everything. (Challenge: Name three aspects of daily life the characters on Left 
Wing haven't at one time or other talked about passing legislation to control. 
OK, name one.) The program promotes a form of secular humanism - the 
particularly vacuous Hollywood branch - all directed out of Washington. Walker was a 
political liberal for a good deal of his life, but not this branch.  
     Thanks to a life devoted to avoiding legitimate work, I've put in 
considerable time working in and around politics. It don't work the way it's shown 
on the program. I'm sure other folks like me, who've actually worked in 
politics, laugh at the show the same way cops laugh at cop shows.
     I guess the show can be justified as entertainment, if viewers realize 
that's what it is. LW gives us some snappy and funny lines, and Donna's 
sweaters have something to be said for them. But beyond that, it's a dead bang waste 
of an hour for me.  
-- Larry        

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