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Tim Cole tcole at adobe.com
Fri Aug 15 02:45:16 EDT 2003

> None of what he said really made sense following the incarnation. Those were
> all proscriptions of the LAW that were done away with, or rather fulfilled and
> transformed... but natural law is fixed, like gravity. Moreover, the NT is
> rife with references to homosexuality as an "abomination".  Romans, 1 Timothy,
> 1 Corinthians... 
There¹s an interesting distinction between moral and ceremonial law as
described in Paul¹s writings that makes for thought provoking reading. James
Akin has a popularized version here:
I don¹t see anything in the NT that indicates that the moral prescriptions
and proscriptions in the OT are done away with. However, the ŒWorks of the
Law,¹ the works that constituted the distinctive ceremonial markers for the
Jews as followers of YHWH were done away with as requirements for
gentiles...or so the thinking goes.

It¹s also the case that the Torah mixes the moral and ceremonial all the
time...they¹re not cleanly divided and organized in a nice, tidy, Western
way...the Torah veers from one type of command to the other in a decidedly
Eastern way.
> But again... its the whole creation and salvation narrative that makes the
> case for how disordered homosexuality is, not just isolated biblical sound
> bites. 
The West Wing episode was well done...but it knocks down a straw man.

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