[percy-l] The West Wing's comment on Biblical contradictions

Patrick P. Lynch padraig at well.com
Fri Aug 15 02:18:30 EDT 2003

In context of this particular show it needs to be recognized that she 
was the only reporter not standing in a group that were, by protocol 
to the office of the President, supposed to stand. She was doing so 
to make a political statement. His issue is not about her personally 
but about respect for the office itself, as I see it.

>Hey Larry,
>Did you read Karey's clip from the West wing?   The Bartlett 
>character is my idea of a smug, self satisfied prick  -- "in this 
>bldg when the president stands nobody sits..."  Gimme a break  -- an 
>abuse of power.  Plain and simple.  It's one thing to challenge 
>authority from a position of weakness (however juvenile); but to 
>weild power smugly is --  well, it's not something that pleases me. 
>Nobody needs a smart ass rebuke about "respect" from the most 
>powerful man in the world.  Just the opposite is called for -- some 
>show of humility and restraint.  That's my take.  But obviously 
>others see the Bartlett character differently.  That's what makes 
>this discussion so much fun for me.  Steve and Karey seem to both 
>like this Bartlett character but disagree about about his theology 
>-- I tend to agree more with Karey's theology than with Steve's 
>(though both know a whole lot more about the Bible than I do) but I 
>disagree with both of them about this Bartlett fellow.  
>Jim Piat 
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