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Dave Duty daveduty at austin.rr.com
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FYI -- Nikki is a him -- not a her -- and a wonderful guy!

As for the Elie book -- I had the pleasure to read it on vacation a few 
weeks ago and I loved it.  Paul is a brilliant researcher, writer, and 
story teller -- and even better literary critic.

I knew Walker and wrote him over a 12 year period -- he was most open 
and kind to me.  So when Paul did not bless all things Percy I bristled 
a little as I read on -- until I had to agree he, Paul, was right on target.

Nikki made a few very positive remarks about the book several moths ago 
on this listserv.

Perhaps this posting will steer the conversation to a move Percyesque bent.

Dave Duty

JHForest at cs.com wrote:

> I'd especially like to ask Nikki her opinion of the portrait of
> Walker Percry in Paull Elie's recent book, "The Life You
> Save May Be Your Own", but I would be glad to hear comments
> from any others on the list who have read it. I'm just over half
> way and finding it a splendid read.
> Jim
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