James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 14 22:53:48 EDT 2003

But perhaps some things cannot be squared. Perhaps this is what Simone
Weil means when she writes over and again of the beautiful distress of
being a Christian. Some things are not reconcilable. It is not a tidy
faith. But still how intense the effort to make it so, with all the
chapters and verses. It seems to me to be Christian is to be out there,
messing up left and right and working at making it better all the time.
My chief point is if God engineered this mess he must understand (dare
even approve?) of human judgment in all its folly and tragic splendor.

Dear Robert,

What a treat!  I agree with Karey -- I wish I'd said that and in the future
I will.  A big tent  -- I love it.

Best wishes,
Jim Piat

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