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Parlin, Steven PARLINS at culver.org
Thu Aug 14 22:27:01 EDT 2003

Yes...yes, Karey. I saw the episode, and Bartlett was brilliant in his
delivery (very nicely crafted by the west wing writers, I must say...it was,
I confess, very well done), and the ignorant tight-ass English Phd was of
course rendered silent and helpless...of course. Convenient. 
However, I would like to have seem him tangle with an Orthodox Catholic
Theologian, (or anyone who knows his/her way around the bible) on the matter
(which the writers obviously knew they couldn't do without repercussions).
But, while that would have been more fair, it wouldn't have been very
interesting and it wouldn't have served the agenda of the writes of the WW. 
That is...He wouldn't have been able to proudly say..."Toby...that's how I
beat him", for he would have been set straight on his self-stlyed
interpretations of scripture --all of which was taken completely out of the
context of the Creation and Salvation Narrative. 
None of what he said really made sense following the incarnation. Those were
all proscriptions of the LAW that were done away with, or rather fulfilled
and transformed... but natural law is fixed, like gravity. Moreover, the NT
is rife with references to homosexuality as an "abomination".  Romans, 1
Timothy, 1 Corinthians... 
But again... its the whole creation and salvation narrative that makes the
case for how disordered homosexuality is, not just isolated biblical sound
Nevertheless... I agree with you. I'd vote for him too. 
BTW: I think its a much stronger case to leave Christianity out of this...
the Natural Law is unbiased and is quite clear on the matter. Sex is
principally for procreation, not recreation. The penis is not designed for
the anus. 
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