[percy-l] God's Gender and Ham Sandwiches

James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 14 16:27:10 EDT 2003

Amen.  I know of people who are aetheists, sadly, because they can't deal with the symbolism of a male God, but I also agree entirely with Steve's characterization that with respect to God, we are all female.  It doesn't bother me at all to be spiritually female, that is the role of Church (and no, Jim, I'm not a homophobe that I know of.. )

Dear Mike,

Aside from myself, I didn't mean to call anyone on list homophobic.  I was just offering my opinion, in response to someone's question, as to what the term might mean -- or at least one of many ways I've heard it used.   I've enjoyed and learned something from everyone's comments -- including of course yours.

Jim p    
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