[percy-l] gay marriage

LTberrywtr at aol.com LTberrywtr at aol.com
Thu Aug 14 11:35:35 EDT 2003

Jim - 
    Small world. When did you go to USF? I graduated from there in '64, when 
USF had fewer buildings than it has campuses now, and most literature 
professors were merely dotty. Some even liked and cared about literature, rather than 
politics, which is all most of them seem to care about now.
    I also made it through a Tampa childhood without AC, though, looking 
back, I'm not sure how. I guess when you're really young, you don't know that 
you're hot (not to mention sticky from the humidity). It sure became obvious 
    Well yes, post-everything is here to stay, though its popularity, as with 
most things, will ebb and flow. And of course most people makes choice on the 
basis of a variety of things far short of rationality. But that doesn't mean 
I have to buy nonsense just because others do. As a freelance writer, one of 
the ways I deal with the post-everything world is to making fun of it, as I'm 
getting an opportunity to with this bunch. It amuses me, and helps me avoid 
legitimate work.
-- Larry         

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