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>   I thought the term homophobic
> was generally reserved for disproportionate attacks on homosexuals.  Attacks
> that seemed inexplicable and irrational  --like church burnings.
With respect, Jim, I suspect you might agree that your very word for 
describing a "disproportionate" response (nevermind the Powell doctrine) is used quite 
disproportionately in response to rational discussions and -gulp- judgments 
regarding behavior (and when we surrender the right to judge behavior we 
surrender the rest of our rights as well).  Presumably, we all have homosexual 
friends, family or colleagues; that doesn't exonerate us from the burden of 
thought.  If my best friend has the perpetual sniffles, must I accept cocaine use as 
a valid expression of human longing?  
       Sorry if I'm beating a dead horse here (a testament to the quality of 
this list that so many views are expressed more intelligently than my humble 
means alow), but I think the arch of this discussion is that words (marriage, 
homophobe, or any other) have meanings.  Part of the postmodern agenda seems to 
be to "liberate" words (the current target being "marriage") from fixed or 
agreed meanings that they may be arbitrarily appropriated for political goals 
(right or left, or whatever).   If you judge me to be a reactionary or a bigot, 
that is your right.  I won't be offended as long as you're clear on what is 
signified by the label.

I didn't know Percy, and have no direct channel, but I think his hunt for the 
wily MadHatter is pretty recognizable, noble, maybe quixotic, and hopefully 
alive via this list and its contributors.   After being pulled into many 
unwanted debates over this gay topic the last several weeks, I didn't think an 
interesting discussion was possible.  Thanks, Jim, Mike, Steve, and everyone for 
proving me wrong, and providing worthy distraction from the paper that looms 
malevolently before me.  Now back to the MASH reruns on my local UHF...damn that 
smug sonofabitch Hawkeye.


PS - FDR said we had nothing to fear but fear itself.  Does that make us 
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