[percy-l] gay marriage

James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 14 00:24:24 EDT 2003

From: "David Alan Beck" <dabeck at iupui.edu>

> Hod up on that copyright. I didn't mean Chritianphobes (what is a
> Chritian?). Christianphobes: let me define: those who fear the teachings
> and the implications of traditional Christianity).
>  See how easy the semantic games can be played? Christians now have a new
> label, a category that puts them in the diversity rainbow.

Dear David,

So far so good  -- no doubt there are those who fear and attack Christians
out of a misplaced fear of their own doubts and longings for security.  How
else are we to understand such acts as church burnings and various attacks
on Christians seemingly just because they were Christians.

>  If anyone questions traditional Christianity, label them Christianphobes
> and then play the role of the victim (i.e. martyr).

Hmmmm   -- now that seems a disproportionate response to me.  Is that what
what homosexuals seem to be doing  --playing the role of the victim if
anyone so much as questions their behavior?  I thought the term homophobic
was generally reserved for disproportionate attacks on homosexuals.  Attacks
that seemed inexplicable and irrational  --like church burnings.

>  Now where is my lapsometer?


Jim Piat

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