[percy-l] gay marriage

David Alan Beck dabeck at iupui.edu
Wed Aug 13 23:55:57 EDT 2003

Hod up on that copyright. I didn't mean Chritianphobes (what is a
Chritian?). Christianphobes: let me define: those who fear the teachings
and the implications of traditional Christianity).
 See how easy the semantic games can be played? Christians now have a new
label, a category that puts them in the diversity rainbow.
 If anyone questions traditional Christianity, label them Christianphobes
and then play the role of the victim (i.e. martyr).
 Now where is my lapsometer?

On Wed, 13 Aug 2003, David Alan Beck wrote:

> Thanks Steve for the support!
>  Now, where are all those Chritianphobes?
> (Did I just coin a new word?? Ok, you heard it here first; I own the
> copyright.)
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