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Wed Aug 13 18:16:44 EDT 2003

Re: [percy-l] gay marriageSteve Parlin wrote:

>>But, then,... why isn't the suffix "phobe" attached to ALL of those attributes, that we might  strongly object to and that we >>also might fear about ourselves... like pediphilaphobe, incestaphobe, beastialaphobe, or even something like >>serialkilleraphobe...  I vehemently object to all of these disordered states and behaviors, and if I look honestly at my heart, I >>might find disturbing remnants of these qualities...but that doesn't make me afraid of people who give into them (except maybe >>the serial killer). 

Dear Steve, 

I think psychoanlytic theory does hold that ALL fears are to some extent projected wishes --and that the key feature by which an irrational phobia can be distinguished from a rational fear is whether or not the fear is proportional to the actual danger posed by the feared object or person.  But I take your point (and Tim's as well) and I don't mean to be engaging in any name calling  -- and apologize if that's how I'm coming across.  Frankly upon examining my own heart some years ago I concluded that I, myself, was a bit homophobic for just the reasons I've outlined above  -- and perhaps in a failed attempt to cure myself  I've overreated with an equal and opposite projection.  I suppose that either way I get to talk about homosexuality and keep my repressed desires somewhat under control.  Damn analyst!

Jim Piat
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