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Tim Cole tcole at adobe.com
Wed Aug 13 12:54:49 EDT 2003

> Hi Jim, fair enough. It seems, then, a risky term to throw around in general
> discourse, because in order to do so you¹d have to claim to have some rather
> deep insights into the inner workings into the mind/psychology of another.  It
> seems to me it¹s far more commonly used as a verbal club.
> I DO like Mr. Beck¹s definition...fear of the same old day to day
> routine...which doesn¹t seem all that irrational to me. ;^)
> Tim
> Dear Tim,
> Sometimes I use the term homophobic  -- and what I mean by it is an irrational
> dislike of homosexuals based upon a fear that one's own homosexual impulses
> will overwhelm one's desire to suppress them.  Rather that acknowledging and
> dealing directly with one's own homosexual impulses the homophobic (per this
> formulation) targets and attempts to destroy an overt manifestation
> (homosexuals) of his covert desires.  I don't think all objections to
> homosexual behavior are based upon such dynamics, but I do think they are
> sometimes part of the equation.  What I think is constructive about this
> definition is that it reminds me to guard against my tendency to blame others
> for what I fear are my own faults  -- cast the mote out of our own eye and so
> forth.  Unfortunately, as you point out, the term is sometimes used as a
> verbal club to bash folks who object to homosexuality on other grounds.  But
> I'm not expert on the subject and all this is just my take.
> Jim Piat

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