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But, then...neither would it be proper to impute to Walker an ex post facto
tolerance of gay marriage...  (although, in so far as he gave ascent to the
teachings of the RC Church, "grave immorality" is more likely the case). 
btw: When in discussions, neither do I use expressions like "gravely
immoral". Even though this is my conviction, people bristle, square off and
eventually stop listening. One has to be more diplomatic and creative in
their discourse... and though i fail miserably (i know i'm an ass), I try to
take my cues from WP. 

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When I wrote (a message or two back) that Walker never got past the notion
that homosexuals were disturbed, I think I did not make it clear that I
never heard him use expressions like "gravely immoral." He did at one time
thorw a guest out of his house for implying that William Alexander Percy
(Uncle Will who raised Walker and his two brothers) was gay. So matters of
gaiety and its morality were never discussed at least in my presence,
although I did have occasion to chat with Walker over the issue of whether
homosexiuality should continue to qualify as a mental disturbance in
psychiatric or scientific context. He held that it did and I held that it
didn't; we agreed to disagree, as we often did. I would suggest that perhaps
one reason why he never voiced himself over the issue of the morality of the
issue may have had something to do with the Uncle Will isue, a matter to
which I was not sensitive at the time of any of our conversations. In short,
I think he would have been unlikely to go that far, but chose to keep his
opinions on the matter in the psychiatric context for reasons of his own
which are nobody else's business. It would not be proper to impute to Walker
an ex post facto endorsement of "grave immorality" on the basis of the
intellectual fossil record. 

Nikki Barranger 

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