[percy-l] gay marriage

Tim Cole tcole at adobe.com
Wed Aug 13 11:21:00 EDT 2003

> Walker never bought into the notion that gays were anything other than
> emotionally disturbed people and to that extent he remained what I would call
> mildly homophobic to the end.

I¹d like very much to hear someone who likes/uses the term Œhomophobic¹ to
suggest a definition that¹s constructive and useful. It seems to me to be a
word constructed to muddy semantic waters and caricature those who have
moral and teleological objections to homosexual behavior, and not an
irrational fear of homosexuals.

I have a long time family friend, a psychologist, who uses the term more
liberally than ketchup in his letters to the editor , but won¹t define it
for me. Drives me batty...
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