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But, then... doesn't that make people who object to the objectors of
No...we need a new word for that too...homophobe doesn't work. Im hardly
"afraid" of homosexuals. In fact, I enjoy their company better than most
typical regular guys (who, btw, are every bit as depraved in their
adulterous and philandering exploits). Nope. That someone is not inclined to
hump his own sex doesn't make him afraid...just straight and dare I
say...normal, to use a perfectly pedestrian term. 

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Walker never bought into the notion that gays were anything other than
emotionally disturbed people and to that extent he remained what I would
call mildly homophobic to the end. If one were looking for a convenient
venerial term for homosexuals, you might try "a commitment of gays..."

Nikki Barranger 

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