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James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 12 19:59:23 EDT 2003

Dear Phil,

I think we are all very much products of our circumstances  -- and tend to get more conservative as we age. Of his writings I like Percy's essays the most, and The Movie Goer more than The Thanatos Syndrome.  I'm not so sure Percy would be totally against gay marriage were he around today.  Times change; people change.  

Regards from Atlanta
  I think Percy would be totally against gay marriage. But that's why I'm glad I don't walk around wearing a "WWPD?" wrist band. I think he was definitely a product of his time and place, and his later novels particularly illustrate his out-of-place feeling in the 1970's. And didn't it seem like he became more conservative and doctrinaire as he grew older? It's been a while since I've read Percy, but I remember The Thanatos Syndrome being a lot more "preachy" than his early novels...

  Regards from Chapel Hill,

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