[percy-l] gay marriage

James Piat piat1 at bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 12 19:44:32 EDT 2003

 > If my life were on the line, I don't believe I could
> name three writers less "doctrinaire" than WP -- even though he was
> of coming to certain fairly safe and obvious conclusions, to wit: Trapper
> and Hawkeye Pearce were arrogant, self-satisfied pricks, and college
> a bad lot (Can anyone really argue with either of these?)

Dear Larry T, Folks--

I never bet against a man who says he can't do something so I'll leave you
to risk you life as you see fit  -- but Trapper John and Hawkeye Pearce
arrogant, self satisfied pricks?  Hell,  I thought that was the whole ironic
point of their almost over the top self parody  -- they (or their creators)
were (in addition to protesting war)  making fun of  their own smug behavior
just as surely as was Archie Bunker satirizing his own boorish racism.  In
the case of MASH the fact that they were so easy to dismiss as snots made
their antiwar, anti-authority message much easier to take and slip by the
censors.  In the case of Archie the fact that he was such a thoroughly
decent and likable fellow made it all the easier to hold his racism up to
ridicule.  I think there was a part of Percy that either didn't get the
oke  -- or maybe resented it a bit  --- being both a doctor and at times
something of a smart ass himself.    And as for college kids  -- well,
having been one of sorts myself,  I have to concede that assessment.

> But then I freely
> admit to being out of step with the 70s, 80s, 90s, and whatever it is you
> what we're in now.

I call it the ol' mis-step  -- slip slip sliding away

All in fun   -- I'm mostly just yakking.  I've enjoyed your good natured and
interesting comments.

Jim Piat

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